Spada Vetture Sport Codatronca TS Concept

The last model is a sportcar built in the spirit and tradition of the Italian “carrozzieria”. It combines both racing and “tourism” characteristics and represents the latest evolution of the concept of truncated tail. This car brings in nimbleness, aerodynamics and lightness, which are the chromosomes of Ercole Spada’s cars and of Spadaconcept future models. This model, which according to Paolo Spada, might be the heir of the TZ models, will be built in a limited series. It is based on Corvette chassis, on which will be applied a new coach and suspensions . The Corvette mechanics and engine is also upgraded with a few high tech solutions by Spadaconcept and it’s technical partners. The name fully reflects the design of this car: “Codatronca”. It will be available in three versions. Codatronca is a timeless car which combines technical progress with beauty of design. With this car, design finds its common point between the past and the future, between its cause-and-effect.

The whole project was thought in all its aspect: From the industrial reason to the aesthetical emotion . With the codatronca, Spadaconcept want to express a typical example of Italian hand craft, synonym of design, absolute quality and care of details.

Source: Spada press

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