BMW M3 Coupe

The principle development strategy at BMW Efficient Dynamics is more driving pleasure, reduced emissions. With the 2011 BMW M3, BMW introduced the idle stop feature. Idle stop shuts off the engine when the vehicle stops in traffic. It is very subtle and hardly noticeable, but incredibly effective for saving fuel. Once the driver takes his or her foot off of the brake, the engine roars back to life.


The 2011 BMW M3 offered eight exterior color options. Standard on the BMW M3 are 18” ten-spoke wheels, a trunk lip spoiler, and the option between a moonroof and a full-carbon roof panel. At the front, a power dome on the aluminum hood sets the BMW M3 Coupe apart from the normal 3-series, letting the public know that there is a V8 under that hood along with the quad exhaust at the rear. On the two front side panels, side gills boasting the tri-color M3 logo blend harmoniously with the lines of the M3. The 2011 BMW M3 features rear-view mirrors that were developed to be as aerodynamic as possible by reducing air resistance and drag.


Leather adorns the majority of space inside the BMW M3, from the front and rear seats to the steering wheel and door inserts. When optioned with the DCT 7-speed transmission, the little shift knob adds to the very clean look in the cabin. When optioned with the 6-speed manual, the classic M shift knob comes standard. There are many trim options available for the M3, a Sycamore Anthracite Wood Trim, a carbon fiber trim, and an alloy trim each costing the same from BMW.


High compression is key to the M3’s performance. A 4.0-liter, 414 horsepower V8 producing 296 lb-ft of torque pushes this BMW M3 Coupe to 60 mph from a stand still in just 4.7 seconds. The M3’s V8 redlines at 8,400 rpm and has a limited top speed of 155 mph.


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