Foretells next year's production model set to be manufactured in Indonesia.

Citroën retired the ‘XM’ moniker in 2000, but Mitsubishi is bringing it back with a concept acting as a sneak preview for an Indonesian-built model which will mix crossover and MPV cues. It was pretty obvious from last month’s teaser the new concept would be heavily influenced by the eX from 2015, and now the fully revealing imagine comes to confirm our initial hunch.

That being said, the XM is not exactly a carbon copy of the eX as there are some differences between the two concepts. For starters, the XM seems to be larger and comes with bigger side windows. It has also received a pair of roof rails, while the side cameras have been repositioned and are now sitting at the base of the A-pillars.

Mitsubishi has not released any photos of the interior, but it does say the cabin has three rows of seats and is roomy enough to carry up to seven people. In addition, the XM concept benefits from a flexible seating arrangement as you would expect from a multi-purpose vehicle.

It’s unclear at this point what powers the crossover/MPV concept, although it probably has the same hardware as the eX which used an all-electric powertrain and came with an AWD layout. Mitsubishi does say the XM delivers 'high all-terrain performance,' so most likely power is indeed channeled to both axles.

We will know what’s what in a week from today when the concept will debut at the Indonesian Auto Show. The XM will be more than just for show as Mitsubishi has plans for a production model which will be assembled in Indonesia from October 2017 at a new factory in Bekasi Prefecture, West Java Province.

Source: Mitsubishi

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