Chevrolet Corvair Super Spyder XP-785 Concept

The XP-785 Super Spyder was built under Bill Mitchell’s guidance, on a 1962 convertible body. Its overall length of 171-inches and its 93-inch wheelbase are both shorter than the stock 180 and 108-inch dimensions. The differences stem from increased front and rear body overhang and the removal of a 15-inch section of the body between the doors and rear wheel arches.

The Super Spyder had a racing style windscreen, low drag sport mirrors and the aerodynamic driver’s headrest was built into the long fiberglass rear deck cover. There were three tailpipes on each side, Stingray taillights, split bumpers, triple louvers in the quarter panels, and alloy wheels with knock-off hubs.

The XP-785 was originally painted silver but was repainted black with stripes.

Source: GM Heritage Center

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Chevrolet Corvair Super Spyder XP-785 Concept