Citroen 2CV Charleston

From Citroen press: The decade of successful special series.

The “Charleston” opened the special series dance in 1981. With its 30s look featuring round headlamps and bordeaux and black body paint, the model was an immediate success. It soon became a standard production model, listed in the Citroën catalogue from 1982.

The “Dolly” versions were released in 1985, with two-tone paintwork in original colour combinations, such as vanilla and grey, green and black, and red and grey. “Victims” of their success, the “Dollies” also became standard production Citroëns.

In 1986, the 2 CV was still the symbol of the “people’s car” in France. The “Cocorico” special series, decked out in the colours of the French flag, perfectly reflected this cultural status. The advertising slogan for this model was “This 2 CV is really too much”.

The 2 CV production line in France closed in February 1989. With lifetime sales of 3,868,633 units, the last 2 CV came out of the Mangualde plant in Portugal on 27 July 1990 – at 4 o’clock. This marked the end of the production history of this legendary vehicle – and the beginning of a new story, that of the 2 CV and its fans through Citroën clubs. The 2 CV will never die.

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