Alpina BMW B5 Bi-Turbo Touring

From Alpina press: ALPINA automobiles are defined by their finely balanced mix of driving dynamics, comfort and everyday luxury. Add to that exceptional functionality and the result is the new BMW ALPINA B5 Bi-Turbo Touring – the quickest of its kind!

The Touring smartly combines the exclusive sophistication of the Saloon with pronounced functionality and versatility. Make no mistake, the Touring offers up to 1670 litres of storage space and an ingenious luggage compartment concept, despite its luxury high performance genes.

A finely honed suspension and chassis configuration combined with variable dampers makes for an exemplary ride comfort while simultaneously providing sharp handling and excellent high-speed stability.

The V8 Bi-Turbo accelerates the Touring from 0-62mph in 4.8s while 700Nm of torque paired with the exceptional 8-speed Sport Automatic Transmission with SWITCH-TRONIC means power is always readily available. Modern, dynamic and well toned in appearance – the B5 Bi-Turbo Touring has all the right visual qualities to make it the perfect companion for business and leisure.

The all-aluminium V8 powerplant produces 507 horsepower (373 kW) at a moderate 5,500rpm, with maximum torque of 700Nm from 3,000 to 4,750rpm. „Bi-Turbo“ refers to two turbo-chargers configured in parallel, each feeding one of the two cylinder banks. Specially developed large diameter exhaust-turbines allow this engine configuration to provide both exceptional power output and an abundance of torque over an especially broad rpm range while maintaining excellent throttle response at low rpm.

The comprehensive high-performance cooling system comprises an indirect inter-cooling system (air-to-water/water-to-air) with short intake tracts and increased inter-cooler flow. The systems excellent thermodynamic efficiency is guaranteed by a large-volume low-temperature inter-cooler radiator, as well as two water-to-air inter-coolers placed close to the engine. High-performance MAHLE pistons are designed specifically to deal with temperatures and pressures associated with up to 1.0 bar charging and the engine’s 9.2:1 nominal compression ratio. Altogether this results in an impressive specific output of 115.3 horsepower (85kW) per litre and a mean total compression of 20.1 bar.

Direct injection and Double-VANOS contribute to the B5 Bi-Turbo’s class-leading performance, emissions and economy in this segment: 10.8l/100km / 26.2mpg (Touring: 10.9l/100km / 25.9mpg) and 252g/km (Touring: 255g/km) CO2 (Combined, measured according to ECE Norm).

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