Citroen 2CV Spot

From Citroen press: Citroën released new, more powerful versions in the early 70s. The 2 CV came into full bloom and the range continued to expand.

With the introduction of the 2 CV 4 and 2 CV 6 in 1970, Citroën now had several versions with top speeds of over 100 km/h which Citroën used as spearheads in its advertising campaigns. The 2 CV went back to its roots with these younger models. They required only the most basic maintenance and brought down the cost of vehicle upkeep.

Citroën organized a number of rally raids in the 70s, including the famous Paris-Kabul event.

The 2 CV was thoroughly reworked for the 1974 Paris Motor Show, with a plastic grille and rectangular headlamps. The “duck” still had a number of surprises up its sleeve...

But the nostalgic were not overlooked. Citroën launched a “special” 2 CV in 1976 for fans of the traditional, old-style 2CV. With round headlamps, minimalist interior and an overall rustic look, this model looked almost exactly like the very first 2 CVs.

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