Citroen 2CV

From Citroen press: 2 CV in the 1960s

The 2 CV was given its first “makeover” in 1960. This subtle restyle mainly concerned the interior. The new bonnet sported five ribs and gained two side openings.

Citroën presented a new version of the 2 CV at the 1961 Paris Motor Show, the 2 CV AZLP. Developing 13.5 bhp at 4,000 rpm, this more powerful vehicle reached a top speed of 85 km/h and required 5.5 litres to travel 100 km.

The 2 CV continued its transformation in 1964, with what was quite a revolution for “the duck”: front-hinged doors replaced the traditional rear-hinged doors. The 2 CV was moving in the right direction.

The vehicle’s front-end was restyled again in 1966 to bring it into line with contemporary tastes. The grille gained three horizontal aluminium bars, while the bumper strip, traditionally in metal, was now adorned with a layer of black plastic. The 2 CV was a car of the people, but first and foremost an outstanding city car.

Note: The Sahara was built from 1960-71 for off-road driving conditions and include front and rear wheel traction as well as an added engine in the rear compartment.

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