Lotus Elan

From Lotus press: In 1962, The Type 26 Lotus Elan was introduced and rapidly became a class leader by which other sportscars were measured. The car continued in production for 11 years due to it’s excellent design and subsequent popularity.

On the road, the Type 36 Lotus Elan fixed head coupe made its debut, the first ‘luxury’ Lotus Coupe in 1965.

In 1966, the enhanced Type 45 Elan S3 drophead made its debut, followed by the mid-engined Europa (Type 46) road car, whose handling received considerable praise in the press. Soon after the Europa went into production, work began on the Type 47, a Cosworth-Ford powered racing version. Jim Clark went on to be placed 2nd in the Indy 500 despite suffering from handling problems with the Type 47.

In 1967, the more spacious Type 50 Elan +2 went into production, with a longer chassis and different bodywork, enabling two children to be carried in the rear seats.

In January 1970, the famous Elan Sprint was introduced with the new 126bhp ‘Big Valve’ engine.

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