Mercedes-Benz 190

From Mercedes-Benz press: The 1984 Mercedes-Benz 190 (model series W 201).

With its 190 and 190 E models, Mercedes-Benz unveils a third model series of passenger cars (W 201) at the end of 1982. The so-called compact class extends the product range in the medium-size category becoming the forefather of today’s C-Class. The “Baby Benz”, as it soon comes to be known, consumes comparatively little fuel thanks to its low drag coefficient and low weight. Despite its compact dimensions, it is just as safe and comfortable as the larger passenger cars from Mercedes-Benz. 

The compact class’s main attraction is its innovative independent multi-link rear suspension, which results in outstanding handling despite the relatively short wheelbase, for each rear wheel is guided by five independent supports, so-called links, which guarantee perfect directional stability. Multi-link rear suspension has since been employed – each time in further refined form – in almost every Mercedes-Benz model series of passenger cars.

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