Mercedes-Benz 180

From Mercedes-Benz press: The 1955 Mercedes-Benz 180 “Ponton” (model series W 120/121).

On its launch in the autumn of 1953, the 180 (W 120) sets new technical and stylistic standards of modernity in Mercedes-Benz’s range of passenger cars in the upper medium-size class. This all-new saloon is the brand’s first passenger car to feature a self-supporting body. The design principle also leaves its mark on the new model’s styling, the 180 impresses with its advanced self-supporting chassis-body structure with a rectangular floor plan and fully integrated wings. This body form brings new advantages, including exemplary safety, lower drag and generously dimensioned interior. 

To this day, these strengths count as distinguishing features of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Following the successful launch of the petrol-engine-powered version, Mercedes-Benz then launches the 180 D diesel version in early 1954. The third model in the series, the more powerful 190, makes its debut in 1956, with the 190 D being brought out in 1958 (both model series W 121).

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