Chevrolet Corvair Sebring Spyder XP-737 Concept

From GM Heritage Center: The XP-737 Sebring Spyder was built in two basic versions by GM Styling, under Bill Mitchell’s direction, both based on the same car, and both with a wheelbase shortened 15-inches from the stock 108-inches. The first version was never shown to the public and the second version debuted at the Chicago Auto Show in February 1961.

Named after Florida’s famous sport car track, the Sebring Spyder featured cut-down racing windscreens, racing mirrors, mag wheels with real knock-off hubs, stone guards over the headlights and a Paxton supercharger that was later replaced with a conventional exhaust driven turbocharger.

Air ducts, just behind the doors directed air to the brake drums. A fiberglass tonneau cover, hinged directly behind the seats, covered the entire rear deck. The instrument cluster was the prototype for the production Spyder. The car was painted red with a white stripe.

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