Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Simplex 40 hp

From Mercedes-Benz press: In March 1902, the Mercedes Simplex 40 hp supersedes the legendary 35 hp Mercedes. The name “Simplex” refers to the new model’s ease of use (by the standards of those days).

Its predecessor, the first vehicle to go by the brand name Mercedes, becomes an instant legend upon its launch in December 1900: for the first time it defines an independent form of the automobile and to this today is considered a masterpiece of technical refinement and beauty.

Its characteristic features are its elongated form; its light, powerful engine, installed low in the frame, and its radiator, organically integrated into the front section and which is destined to become the brand’s distinguishing mark – the honeycomb radiator. The Mercedes 35 hp marks the final departure from the industry-wide prevailing carriage style and can therefore be regarded as the first modern automobile.

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