Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics 125 Concept

From Mercedes-Benz press: Dynamically flowing lines combined with powerfully shaped contours: the “Aesthetics 125” sculpture embodies the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy in abstract form. The sculpture was unveiled to the public at the ceremony at which Daimler AG celebrated the 125th anniversary of the automobile on 29 January 2011.Created by Mercedes-Benz designers, the sculpture takes both interior and exterior elements of the brand’s typical design idiom and projects them into the future. Consequently, “Aesthetics 125” embodies the maxim “Mercedes-Benz design is art” – just like the previously presented sculptures “Aesthetics No. 1” and “Aesthetics No. 2”.

At the technical level, the high-class sculpture is firmly anchored in Mercedes-Benz’s world of highly advanced automotive engineering: it was created using the “Rapid Prototyping” method.  This is a technique used by designers and developers to create digital designs in the form of three-dimensional models directly on the computer.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics 125 Concept