Citroen Traction

From Citroen press: Manufactured from 1934 to 1957, the Traction had a decisive influence on carmakers all over the world, including the Americans, diehard fans of rear-wheel drive. While the idea of a mass market car equipped with front-wheel drive already existed, Citroën was the first manufacturer to master this technology and make it widely available.

A bona fide technological revolution, the Traction was the work of two big personalities, both of whom strived for innovation and originality: André Citroën and André Lefebvre. The first contributed the industrial and financial resources, while the second provided the technical skill. When the Traction made its official debut in 1934, the press applauded their achievement and automotive vision, hailing the vehicle as “so bold, so full of original ideas, so different from what has gone before”.

The Traction is as appealing today as it was on launch. Flaminio Bertoni’s body design is still a crowd pleaser, and the countless books, events and clubs dedicated to the car are daily testament to just how extraordinary the Traction Avant is. This singular vehicle has earned a special place in the pantheon of automotive history.

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