Ford Five Hundred

From Ford press: The Ford Five Hundred marries the body of a contemporary sedan to a crossover vehicle architecture, resulting in an upscale four-door sedan with upright Command Seating™ for five and available all-wheel drive (AWD) capability. Five Hundred provides a confident driving experience with best-in-class interior room and versatility, as well as five-star safety ratings in all four categories of the government crash tests.

For 2007, the flagship sedan of the Ford brand offers an all-new chrome package and SIRIUS satellite radio, in addition to offering a navigation system and heated seats on SEL models. Five Hundred also will be equipped with standard front-seat-mounted side air bags, as well as Ford’s innovative Safety Canopy side air curtain system shortly after the 2007 model-year launch.
Five Hundred combines technology under the hood to create a dynamic driving experience. A 3.0-liter, Duratec 30 V-6 engine works in concert with its continuously variable transmission (CVT) or six-speed automatic transmission to optimize performance and fuel economy.

The six-speed transmission is standard on front-wheel-drive models, while the CVT is standard on Five Hundred AWD. The CVT uses two variable-size pulleys — one for input from the engine, the other for output to the drive wheels — connected by a steel link belt. It varies the effective sizes of the two pulleys to meet the driving demands of the moment. Electronic powertrain controls, including a sensor on the electronic throttle, constantly monitor the demand for power. When more torque is needed for acceleration or maintaining speed up a steep hill, the transmission seamlessly responds by creating the right drive ratio from an infinite number of possibilities, allowing the Duratec 30 engine to operate at optimum performance.

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