Veritas RS III

After more than 60 years, a super sports car named Veritas RS III has hit the road and pays adequate tribute to its legendary ancestors. Its design is just as unique as its history ... The Veritas RS III Roadster has been shown to the public at the Salon Privé in London in summer 2009 and has been voted "Best Super Car" by the audience.

The Veritas RS III resurrects the magic of Germany's first Formula I racing car. Its design is a modern homage to its ancestor and has been combined with a state-of-the-art and powerful technology to create a unique masterpiece. The feeling of driving it is far beyond all previous experience.

Some impressive 373 kW / 507 HP produce a top speed of 347 km/h and pay tribute to the moving history of Veritas.

Every single Veritas RS III is handmade on-site at the Nürburgring. Limited to only 30 pieces, the super sports car becomes a very personal delight for its owner.

Be fascinated by the emotion that tells more about the Veritas RS III than every technical feature: true race feeling.

Source: Veritas press

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