Buick Wildcat I Concept

From GM Heritage center: The 1953 Buick Wildcat I concept was designed under Harley Earl’s leadership. The car was built for the 1953 GM Motorama and is one of Buick’s first fiberglass cars reportedly built primarily to test the use of fiberglass for possible future production bodies.

Its main attraction was the low, two-seater body style with a one-piece wraparound windshield slopped 60-degrees to the rear. When the top was down it recessed into the body of the car with a special body panel covering it eliminating the use of a boot. Hydraulics was used to operate the top, windows and seats. Foot controls operated the radio and the styling of the grille and front bumper inspired later production models.

The body was finished in white with green leather interior and green nylon carpeting. There were hood scoops around the hood ornament and portholes that ran along the tops of the front fenders.

The car was powered by a 188-horsepower version of the new V8 engine and used the new Twin Turbine Dynaflow transmission. An interesting feature was its Roto-Static front wheel discs with built-in air scoops. The discs remained stationary while the wheels revolved around them.

The 1953 Wildcat was the first of three concept cars introduced in consecutive years to wear the Wildcat badge.

Buick Wildcat I Concept