Chevrolet Corvette

From GM press: For nearly 50 years, the Corvette has had a special place in America’s garage. Crafted from a precise blend of power, performance, style and comfort, Corvette’s success has been based on a willingness to embrace advancing technology while remaining true to its heritage. Today’s Corvette exemplifies this philosophy like no other.

Last year’s introduction of the Z06 Corvette, based on the former hardtop model and the legendary 1960s Z06 option package, is aimed at true performance enthusiasts at the upper end of the high-performance market. And now, an extra boost of 20 hp, to 405, makes Z06 the quickest production Corvette ever.

This upgrade to the LS6 engine’s output is the result of new hollow stem valves, a higher-lift camshaft, a low restriction mass air flow (MAF) sensor and a new low restriction air cleaner design. Eliminating the PUP converter from the exhaust system enables better flow of spent gasses and reduces vehicle weight, without compromising Corvette’s NLEV (National Low Emission Vehicle) status.

The Z06-specific FE4 High-Performance suspension system features a larger front stabilizer bar, a stiffer rear leaf spring and specific camber settings – all calibrated for maximum control during high-speed operation. The 2002 Z06 also has new rear shock valving for a more controlled ride.

Although retaining the same design and color finish, the unique aluminum Z06 wheels are now produced using a cast rather than a forged process. The magnesium wheel option for Coupes and Convertibles is no longer available.

The foundation of Corvette’s agile handling is hydroformed frame rails. Its four-wheel independent front suspension features cast aluminum upper and lower A-arms. The Z06 and models equipped with the available Z51 package now have aluminum front stabilizer bar links for lighter weight. The rear suspension has a transverse leaf spring system.

All Corvettes have the second-generation Active Handling system as standard equipment. The system features dynamic rear brake proportioning to prevent rear wheel lockup, and rear brake stability control to assist the driver in maintaining control under light braking and high acceleration conditions. It also has integral traction control calibrated to allow drivers to experience the Corvette’s power and handling while controlling excessive wheelspin. The system’s on/off switch and "Competitive Mode" enables drivers to disengage the traction control feature without giving up Active Handling’s other benefits. For more information on Active Handling, see the "Applied Technology" section of the Corporate press kit.

Now standard on Z06, the Corvette’s Head-Up Display (HUD) projects vehicle speed and many other gauges digitally on the windshield ahead of the steering wheel, enabling drivers to keep their eyes on the road. HUD remains an option on Coupes and Convertibles.

For 2002, the automatic transmission cooler case is constructed of lightweight cast aluminum, replacing the previous stainless steel design.

New high performance front brake pads on Z06 provide improved lining durability and fade resistance in high performance situations.

Coupes and Convertibles receive an AM/FM/In-dash CD system as the new standard entertainment system. An AM/FM/Cassette system is available when buyers order the remote 12-disc CD changer. The 12-disc CD changer is also available with the CD radio.

Corvette’s exterior color palette adds Electron Blue, replacing Navy Blue Metallic previously offered on Coupes and Convertibles. Electron Blue also takes the place of Speedway White as one of five choices on the Z06.

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