Bertone Jaguar B99 GT Concept

From Bertone press: A historic brand in automotive. A historic signature in design. Put the two together and you get an explosive new concept car called the Jaguar B99 which Bertone will present in its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.

The name B99 stands for B as in Bertone and 99 for the company near 100 year anniversary in 2012, one of the oldest design companies in the world. The concept projects Jaguar's classic style into the future with refined Bertone elegance, exploring a fascinating new form language with a “dynamic imbalance” between parallel lines and leaping forms. The result is a compact, four-door sedan (4.5 m long, 1.35 m tall, 1.95 m wide, 2.8 m wheelbase) that fits perfectly into the D segment.

Starting with a classic three-volume architecture, Bertone designers have shaped the taut, muscular body with bold yet refined character, entirely constructed with handmade aluminum panels in true Italian “coachbuilder” tradition. The unique personality of the luxury sports sedan is emphasized by the sophisticated minimalism outside and in, underlining the true nature of the British authenticity where understatement equals exclusiveness.

Bertone will present not only the luxury sedan in Geneva but also a full GT2 race version, maintaining the exceptional “double soul” tradition of the Jaguar brand, adding high speed aerodynamic appendages and aggressive graphics for continued success on the race track.

In terms of technological innovation, the B99 uses a pure hybrid power system designed and developed by Bertone Energy (the newest Bertone division dedicated to renewable energy research), including a thermal engine for range extension and two electric motors which provide propulsion for the rear wheels. Bertone has been studying ecologically sustainable powertrain systems for the past twenty years, with many examples including full-electric "extreme" concept cars like the 1992 Blitz or 1994 Zer record car, which was the first full-electric car to break the 300 km/h speed barrier in the world.
With the 2011 Jaguar B99 concept car, Bertone establishes a new record in its 99 year history as the only Italian designer to have created five different Jaguars. The previous models are the 1957 XK 150, produced in a limited edition of four copies, the 1966 Jaguar FT concept car, the 1967 Jaguar Pirana, and 1977Jaguar Ascot.

Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Dr Jeckyll and My Hyde” novel helps us all understand how great paradoxes can coexist inside the human soul. Jaguar has thrived on such a powerful duality for decades, combining the subtleties of exclusive luxury cars perfectly suited to red carpet evenings and the predator-like brute force of the full race cars perfectly suited to 24 hour race track punishment. For this reason Bertone has decided to transform the elegant B99 luxury sedan into a GT race track monster.

The carryover components of the original sedan (front doors, greenhouse, hood and trunk) are very obvious but the 2.5 meter wide body leaves no doubt, the race version is just as wild as every Jaguar in the jungle, ready to eat the competition alive. The overall height car has been lowered 100mm compared to the street version, and has been given a mere 50mm ground clearance along with a perfectly flat belly for aerodynamic efficiency. The Pirelli PZero race tires are 325/30/19. The giant front spoiler pulls in the cooling air while the giant rear extractor returns it. The side spoilers are filled with giant exhaust side pipes. The rear spoiler is a traditional bi-level race spoiler. The interior has been completely emptied and filled with a safety roll cage, a full race drivers seat and a few minimalist instruments. The graphics are in bright fluorescent green in contrast with the silver body and the carbon fiber aerodynamics components.

“Performance through innovation” is one of Jaguars slogans, and today more than ever powerful sports cars must find new responsible ways to offer both high performance and ecological sustainability. The B99 is powered by a modular, Extended Range Hybrid system which futuristic utilizes twin 150kW (204 Cv) electric engines connected to the inboard side of the rear axle for propulsion and a lightweight 1.400 cm3 thermal engine producing 125 kW-170 Cv for range extension, giving a combined power output of 425 kW or 570 Cv. The thermal engine charges the Lithium-ion batteries while driving allowing for a theoretical range of 700 kilometers of highway driving between fill-ups with a carbon dioxide output of around 30 g Co2/km. The B99 can also travel in full electric mode offering zero emissions for 100kms.

In order to meet the demanding performance requirements on the track, the modular “pure” hybrid system in the B9 has been modified to include two additional Lucchi electric engines for a four-wheel drive layout producing the equivalent of 725 kW, around 980Cv. Now the Jaguar racing dynasty has a new member, the B 99 GT.

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