Vauxhall Meriva

From Vauxhall press: The new Meriva, which received its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show this year, is the first Vauxhall to feature FlexDoors, showcased in 2008’s Meriva design concept.
FlexDoors are rear-hinged back doors which swing open towards the back of the car at an angle of nearly 90 degrees, vastly improving the ease with which occupants enter and leave the cabin. Rather than having to step back, or to one side, as one would using a normal front-hinged door, the FlexDoor allows unimpeded forward access/egress to and from the cabin, enhanced further by the Meriva’s high roof line.

For parents with children, there are further benefits. Due to the larger door opening and free space around the B-pillar, parents can lift small children forwards in to rear-mounted, second-stage child seats without having to contort themselves around a door. And with both the front and rear doors open (the fronts open at a similar angle to the rear FlexDoors) a ‘parent-friendly’ zone is created with no door barrier between front and rear occupants.

The new Vauxhall Meriva will be offered with engines ranging from 75-140PS, all of which comply with Euro5 emissions standards.

The petrol engine line-up comprises three versions of the 16-valve 1.4-litre unit. The range starts with the Meriva’s only normally aspirated engine, featuring hollow camshafts for reduced weight and a power output of 100PS. Completing the petrol line-up, are two turbocharged 1.4 variants, producing either 120PS or 140PS (the latter taken from the new Astra range). All engines get five-speed manual gearboxes, except the 1.4 Turbo 140PS, which has a 6-speed manual gearbox.

The diesel line-up starts with a 75PS, 1.3 CDTi unit which uses closed-loop catalyst technology to enhance fuel consumption. In addition, a 1.7CDTi unit producing 100PS will be available, equipped with a 6-speed fully automatic gearbox.

Later this year, the engine line-up will gain two additional diesel variants. The low C02-emitting ecoFLEX model will be powered by a 95PS 1.3 CDTi unit, and a second version of the 1.7 CDTi will also join the range, fitted with a six-speed gearbox and producing 130PS.

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