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From GM press: The 1990s

ZR-1 roared to life in 1990 with an all-new 375 horsepower LT5 engine under its hood. Designed in a cooperative effort between General Motors and Lotus, the LT5's dual overhead cam, 32-valve design made Corvette the talk of the automotive world. To help distinguish the appearance of the ZR-1 from standard Corvette Coupes, it was given an all-new convex rear fascia and quad rectangular taillights. All Corvettes received a new cockpit design that included digital readouts and analog gauges as well as a driver air bag. The maximum horsepower of the standard L98 engine was increased to 250.

Corvette received styling refinements for 1991 that included wrap-around front parking/cornering lamps, new side-panel louvers and a ZR-1 style convex rear fascia on all models. To help differentiate the look of the ZR-1, its center high-mounted stop lamp remained on the roof, while it was integrated into the rear fascia on both Coupe and Convertible.

Corvette performance continued to grow in 1992 with the introduction of the second-generation LT1 -- putting a 300-horsepower engine back in the standard Corvette. The engine was designated LT1 because it was the first Chevy "Small Block" to surpass the horsepower of the original LT1 in 1970. The Acceleration Slip Regulation (ASR) system and Goodyear GS-C asymmetrical tires were also introduced as standard equipment. ZR-1 received a ZR-1 badge on the sides of its clam shell hood. The one-millionth Corvette was built on July 2, 1992 in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

For 1993, LT5 output was boosted to 405 horsepower, and a special 40th Anniversary package was available on all models. Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) was also added as standard equipment.

The cockpit of Corvette was transformed for 1994 with a new single-piece instrument panel, a front-passenger air bag, and new door panels. Both the standard and Sport seats were also restyled, and leather seats became standard equipment.

The most noticeable change on the 1995 Corvette was the revised gill panel design. This also marked the last year for the ZR-1. Corvette served as the Official 1995 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car.

Two distinctive Corvettes are part of the 1996 lineup: the Grand Sport and Collector Edition. Both celebrate the rich heritage of the Corvette, and mark the end of the current style. The new optional LT4 engine is introduced (required on Grand Sport).

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