Seat Ibiza Cupra Bocanegra

From Seat press: It’s well known that the genetic make-up of all SEATs is shot through with sporting intent. Few car manufacturers feature such a broad range of models aimed so clearly at dynamic, sports-minded drivers. The most extreme examples of this sporty character can be found behind names such as FR, Cupra and now Cupra Bocanegra, which joins the new Ibiza range exactly 25 years after its initial launch.

The new FR, FR TDI CR, Cupra and Cupra Bocanegra sit at the pinnacle of the SEAT Ibiza range. Overflowing with auto emoción, they all boast stunning exterior and interior styling, a powerful engine line-up and equipment levels which put them in an enviable position in their segment.

Naturally enough, the liveliest models in the SEAT Ibiza range share several common elements. The petrol versions are all equipped with the twin-charged 1.4 TSI engine, offering either 150 PS or 180 PS (according to model), the seven-speed sequential DSG gearbox with steering wheel shift paddles and the electronic XDS system, which offers many of the benefits of a true limited slip differential but without the need for any additional mechanicals.

The new SEAT Ibiza FR is equipped with one of the most modern engines on the market – the award-winning, twin-charged 1.4 TSI that delivers 150 PS and is mated as standard to a seven-speed DSG gearbox.

This combination features truly outstanding performance with reduced fuel consumption and emissions levels. Average combined economy is a remarkable
44.8 mpg, and its emissions register a mere 146 grams of CO2 per kilometre. Furthermore, it fully complies with EU-5 emissions legislation, something which few such sporty models achieve.

Thanks to its genuinely class leading technology, the engine provides excellent performance, lower consumption, fewer emissions and greater flexibility. This direct injection twin-charged 1.4 TSI delivers 150 PS with an impressively flat torque ‘curve’ which peaks at 220 Nm all the way from 1,250 rpm to fully 4,500 rpm.

The secret behind this exceptional torque figure is the twin-charger technology, which features two compressors. One is a high speed mechanical compressor and the other is an exhaust gas turbo-compressor. Depending on the torque required by the driver, the pressure regulation system decides whether the pressure generated by the exhaust turbo-compressor is sufficient, or if it needs compensation from the additional compressor.

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