Seat Leon FR

From Seat press: Wherever you go in the SEAT Leon, you're in the future. From front to back, it interprets every inch of the road with the most cutting edge technology, and in return calculates the most action-packed ride for you - and lets you enjoy it in full comfort and safety.

The SEAT Leon maintains the essence that made it an object of desire for those who believe in driving when it was first released on the road. Its signature blend of design, sports and emotion has been overhauled and laced with our latest technological developments - catapulting the SEAT Leon to a whole new level.
Where high tech meets high speed, you'll find the heart of the SEAT Leon. You have a vast range of engines to choose from, a variety of diesel engines - including the ultra-efficient Common Rail TDI - and several petrol engines to suit each driving style.

The SEAT Leon's state-of-the-art Common Rail diesel engine is nothing short of fuel-injected genius, resulting in awesome power - 170PS to be exact - and efficiency, not to mention lower fuel consumption and drastically reduced CO2 emissions. Did we mention that the vehicle complies with strict EU5 emission standards? Meanwhile, its TSI petrol engines feature newly designed crankshaft bearings that reduce friction and improve performance. Topping this group, brace yourself for the SEAT Leon Cupra R's 2.0 TSI 265 PS, packed with enough punch to satisfy your racing heart. The most powerful in SEAT history, this turbo-charged four-cylinder 16V delivers impressive performance levels and surprising flexibility. Whichever engine you go for, they all offer the spontaneous, sporty feel you desire with the added bonus of greater fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness.

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