Hamann Range Rover

From Hamann press: The HAMANN Range Rover HM 5.2
Experience Luxury in a New Dimension

The new Range Rover is without a doubt a unique combination of English luxury, innovative design and versatile driving fun. No matter whether on the motorway or in open country, the Range Rover always gets where its going fast. The renowned ennobler HAMANN MOTORSPORT has built a Range Rover which redefines British luxury and the powerful performance of the English: the Hamann Tuning Range Rover HM 5.2.

Even the external appearance shows that the luxurious HAMANN Range Rover is a very special model. The wide front spoiler with an innovative two-part front bar, large-dimensioned stainless steel sill tubes with treads, widened wings, the dominant rear skirt with diffuser and integrated double-exhaust pipe system including a total of four tailpipes make the Hamann Tuning Range Rover HM 5.2 unique and distinctive. The roof spoiler, completely darkened windows and the mighty powerful HAMANN 22 inch PG3 light alloy wheel round the concept off. Optically speaking, the Swabian English vehicle is a powerful and noble top-class SUV.

Under the bonnet of the noble British vehicle which originates from Swabia, 385 PS at 5,800 rpm ensures a powerful acceleration. The specially designed HAMANN 5.2 performance engine has a maximum torque of a tremendous 540 Nm at 4000 rpm. With this, the Range Rover accelerated from zero to 100 km/h in just eight seconds. The maximum speed amounts to a breathtaking 229 km/h. A more than expressive performance for the British vehicle which weighs in at 2.5 tonnes.

Pure luxury reigns in the interior of the Hamann Tuning HM 5.2 Range Rover. Although the large Landrover includes every standard equipment imaginable, that which the HAMANN designers and engineers have additionally fitted makes one breathless from amazement. The complete interior is lines with two-colour leather - even the boot. The roof interior was redesigned with Alcantara, the floor being redesigned with a noble, deep-pile carpet. A uniquely luxurious ambience, Carbon dominates in addition to high-quality leather. No matter where you look, the extremely firm and simultaneously light high-tech fibre is a guarantee for pure motorsport feeling. Even the steering wheel captivates with its unique leather / carbon combination.

The HAMANN HM 5.2 Range Rover presents itself highly modern and innovative. A 12.1 inch LCD screen has been integrated in the leather roof interior. This can be opened and closed at the push of a button. The HAMANN engineers installed a DVD changer from Alpine ensures the right travel programme.

The folding table on the back of the passenger seat provides additional space for a laptop or other things. True to style, this moves up and down fully electrically . An absolute highlight is the lighting which is subdued and at the same time, unique. The sill tubes, doorsill strips, boot and even the floor mats are illuminated in a noble shade of blue.

Hamann Tuning HM 5.2 Range Rover is a vehicle which as from the outside been discreetly modified, but which is at the same time, unique. With its 385 hp, the powerful engine ensures driving fun which one looks forward to starting with. The luxurious interior with a leather and carbon design and the technical highlights allow the passengers in the HAMANN HM 5.2 Range Rover to experience in a new dimension.

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