Ford Indigo Concept

From Ford press: Race track design and technology drives the Ford Indigo concept sports car. The Ford Indigo is a high performance, V-12 concept sports car that takes its design and technology inspiration from some of the fastest cars in the world, Indy car and Formula 1 racing cars.

With over 260 Indy car triumphs -- including 17 Indianapolis 500 wins -- plus more than 200 Grand Prix victories and 13 constructor's world championships in Formula 1, Ford is the most successful manufacturer in the history of Indy car and Formula 1 motor racing.

The Indigo combines Ford and primarily Indy car technologies and practices in the areas of materials, construction techniques, powertrain and aerodynamics to create a new dimension in driving excitement by bringing the thrill of the race track to the street.

But the Indigo is much more than just an exciting new show car. Two versions of the car have been produced: a non-driveable "Show" car that will tour the major international auto shows in 1996; and a fully-functional, engineered and driveable model, nicknamed the "Go" car by the Indigo team.

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