Mercedes-Benz Mercedes 35 hp

From Mercedes-Benz press: Sensational appearance of the 35 hp "Mercedes".

The new car was for the first time tested on November 22, 1900, and the first "Mercedes" was delivered to Jellinek on December 22. Before long, the styling design of the first "real" car in history set the trend for the rest of the automotive industry, causing a 'landslide' in design. The car's elongated silhouette, high performance, honeycomb radiator, low-slung engine hood, long wheelbase, shift gate, obliquely installed steering, equal-sized wheels on the two axles and low weight were from then on regarded standard components of the modern automobile.

The sensational successes in racing in 1901 of the Mercedes cars gave credit to Maybach's new design. People also highly appreciated the fact that the two-seater, once it was no longer used for racing, was easily converted into an elegant four-seater by means of a rear bodywork element that could be installed in just a few minutes – the ideal car for cruising on fashionable avenues and promenades.

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