Proton Gen-2 Hatchback

From Proton press:  Carefully integrating the values of Proton, Lotus has helped to produce an exciting car designed for both performance and functionality, as designers and engineers deliberately chose to stray from the traditional approach of building a single car for the mass market.

This integration has also become more physically visible in the GEN-2 by way of the car's more modern, masculine and sporty character in terms of exterior and interior styling as well as in performance.

The Gen-2 is no ordinary family car. Of course, it's stylish and reliable, comfortable for all the family and great value for money. What sets it apart though, is its exceptional performance. Now with a choice of the sporty 5 door hatchback or the sophisticated 4 door saloon, the Gen-2 delivers the superior ride and handling you'd expect from a Lotus-influenced design.

The GEN-2 is available with a 1.6 litre 16v Lotus developed CamPro petrol engine. All manual transmission models have a five-speed gearbox and a four-speed automatic option is available on 1.6 models. Underneath the bonnet is a CamPro 4-cylinder 16v Multi-Point Injection engine developed in collaboration with Lotus.

As you’d expect from a company that designs and builds high performance cars, this is an engine that packs a serious punch; with the 1.6 range delivering a max speed of up to 118mph, with 110bhp and 109lb/ft of torque. Testing of the engine was conducted on both engine rigs and dynamometers as well as on the road with running prototypes already having completed rigorous tests all around the globe and accumulating more than 27,000 hours.

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