Leblanc Caroline

From Leblanc Caroline press: The supercar Leblanc Caroline GTR is a real racing car, which can also be driven on public roads.

The Leblanc Caroline GTR is built with the newest technology and materials to a very light and powerful car. The layout of the carbonfiber monocoque is made to both fulfil high rigidity and security, also the bodywork is made with this lightweight and stiff material.

Other parts of the chassis are made with titanium or magnesium. With the 2 litre turbo race engine with 512bhp and a weight of only 785kg, the car accelerates with slicks under 3 seconds to a speed of 100km/h and needs a little bit more than 7 seconds to a speed of 200km/h (with street tires a couple of seconds longer).

With this kind of potential, the Leblanc Caroline GTR really belongs on the racing track. That it is street legal, is almost sensational.

The design of the car follows the function of speed and it doesn’t let you forget, that the car could come directly from the race track, even if you are cruising at the coast, on the highway or you enjoy the car in the curves of a mountain street. No compromises: just speed.

Leblanc Caroline