EDAG Scout

The nineties were also characterised by EDAG's further expansion of its locations abroad, to be present for the customers from Germany and local markets. In this decade subsidiaries in Paris, Detroit, São Paulo, Lisbon, Kuala Lumpur, Györ and Melbourne were founded. Until this day EDAG with its 35 locations in 21 countries is the engineering service provider with the strongest global presence.

At the same pace technological developments in the company were made especially in the area of simulation technology. EDAG was one of the first suppliers to use this technology and in part influenced the software developers.

A visual sign of the self confidence was given when in 1999 EDAG presented its first concept car - the EDAG Scout at the Geneva Motorshow. Since then the EDAG group annually shows its vision of the vehicle of tomorrow to document that EDAG is a partner, who proactively develops new concepts and technologies for the mobility of tomorrow.

Source: EDAG press

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