Arden Range Rover Sport AR6

From Arden press: Elegance, discreet sportiness and understatement have always been the distinguishing features of English cars. Thirty years ago, the tuning specialist, Arden from Krefeld, couldn’t resist the appeal of these vehicles. For years, he has been the place to go for customers who wish for more emphasis on the typical characteristics, as well as a customisation of their Jaguar or Range Rover. Arden also gives the current Range Rover Sport comprehensive modifications. From the aerodynamic-kit to the performance increase and right up to the enhanced interior, Arden offers an attractive SUV with the “Range Rover AR6 Stronger“, which is classed “over the top” simply through its performance.

Arden draws no less than 520 HP (at 5800 rpm) out of the supercharged V8, whose displacement has been increased to 4.8 litres. Together with the phenomenally increased torque of 680 Nm at 3600 rpm, this provides the superior driving performance of the not particularly light Range Rover Sport. The sheer force catapaults the British SUV from zero to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds. Its superior tractive power goes without saying. Even if speeds above 200 km/h are rarely achieved due to road conditions, the power of the Arden AR6 makes 270 km/h possible.

The performance of the AR6 is believable just when it stands in front of you with its bodywork kit manufactured with accustomed Arden quality. The front and rear spoilers fit superbly with the basic design of the Range Rover. Arden designs them so that they will still look modern years from now, making a resale of the vehicle more attractive. They also give the vehicle a massive appearance without losing well-balanced proportions. Even the functionality doesn’t lose out against the looks. To achieve better braking system ventilation, Arden furnishes its front spoilers with air ducts. The car tuner even incorporates these into the hood, in order to guarantee better cooling for the increased performance of engine. The rear spoiler, the component probably most seen by road users, features openings to the left and right for the tailpipes of the Arden stainless steel exhaust system. In addition the rear spoiler gleams with its diffuser look.

Arden widens the front and rear wings by approximately 4.5 cm. A side skirt trim serves as an artistic link between the line which begins at the front and rear spoiler and continues over the widened wings. All parts are manufactured of carbon fiber reinforced composite. The sidebars are illuminated and highlight the lower edge of the entry door. This not only makes it easier for the passengers to enter the car in the dark, but it is also without question a stunning eye-catcher.

What would tuning be without new wheels? Arden banks on his own 10x22 inch creation. Arden fits 295/30 R22 tyres to the elegant, 10-spoked, light alloy wheels which provides not only a sporty look but also adequate traction. In addition, the “airy” look allows a glimpse of the powerful brakes. Arden adapts these to the increased performance. The high-performance system features 6-piston fixed calipers at the front and 4-piston fixed calipers at the rear. These emphatically exert their force on the ventilated, perforated brake discs and ensure sustained deceleration of the British Colossus.

Arden Range Rover Sport AR6