BMW 327/28 Coupe

The BMW badge is the epitome of dynamism and exclusive driving pleasure embodied in a stylish, luxurious two-door automobile. 

The challenges of competitive motor sport and the pursuit of the extraordinary mark the history of the development of BMW sport coupes from the very beginning. With their superior driving performance and groundbreaking technical innovations, they have always aroused desire, while their progressive character reflects the innovative power of the company that created them. The BMW coupes have achieved a status which reaches far beyond their own product life cycle with their salient design. As outstanding examples of the BMW design idiom at the time, they have become milestones in the aesthetics of automobile construction.

The new BMW 6 Series Coupe is a part of the tradition of iconic classic cars which changed automobile design forever and even today has lost nothing of its fascination. Its line of ancestry begins with the BMW 327 Sport Coupe, honored as the Coupe of the Year in 1937, which thrilled and delighted with its flawless elegance and is judged to be the most exclusive BMW model to be produced before the war. In contrast to the 55 hp engine which was very powerful for the time, from 1938 onwards, the BMW 327/28 was fitted with the 80 hp sports engine from the legendary BMW 328 Roadster. This formed the basis for a sports coupe with, by the standards of the day, ultra-light aluminum bodywork with which BMW was placed first in the overall ranking in the legendary Mille Miglia long distance race in 1940.

Source: BMW press

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BMW 327/28 Coupe