EDAG Light Car Sharing

From EDAG press: With its acclaimed EDAG Light Car concept, the EDAG Group has for the last two years been working on its vision of the electrically driven car of the future. For this year’s motor show in Geneva, the developers at the world’s leading engineering company have created a fundamentally new mobility concept which will break down barriers between private and other transport systems, and provide the customer with an additional form of mobility. At the core of this integrated mobility solution is the “EDAG Light Car Sharing” vehicle concept, featuring an electrically powered vehicle which everybody will want to hire, but nobody needs to buy.

A vehicle which ensures the customer’s mobility exactly as and when he needs it, and only needs to be paid for during this period.

A vehicle which is accessible to the general public, straightforward to operate, and still makes individual travel in big cities possible.

A vehicle which offers the customer perfect mobility without any further obligations once he has finished using it. A vehicle which, through the integration of Internet services, is intelligently linked to the use of other means of transport.
The positive response of all groups of society to this exciting concept for electric cars has shown that people are willing to consider new forms of mobility. As a design engineering company, we need to keep a careful eye on social trends, to ensure that, in the long term, we are in a position to develop the right vehicle concepts and technologies for our customers,” explains Jörg Ohlsen, EDAG Group CEO.

Surveys aimed at the younger generation show that values relating to status symbols are being re-defined. For instance, 80 percent of the 18 to 29-year olds asked indicated that there was no real need for them to have a car of their own in town. And an amazing 90 % of 14 to 29-year olds cannot imagine life without a mobile or the Internet – but can envisage life without a car easily enough.
“Living for the moment” and “being contactable anywhere” is the credo of the new generation.

Last but not least, the increasing traffic problems in the major cities are making us change the way we think on mobility issues; merely discussing alternative, clean drive systems is simply not enough.

“With the “EDAG Light Car Sharing”, we will be presenting not only a new, powerful and up-to-date vehicle concept at the Geneva Motor Show, but also a new attitude to mobility. A vehicle concept specifically designed for effortlessly getting from A to B, and moreover one which can easily be booked and combined with other means of transport via mobile Internet solutions. Due to the high cost of electric cars today, electric mobility could well take the form of vehicle sharing in the immediate future, and I view vehicles for this purpose as capital goods rather than consumer goods. We invite our customers from the automotive industry and potential market partners to join the discussion on this different form of mobility, and seek out future business models,” says Ohlsen.

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