Startech Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible

From Startech press: The new Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible has arrived and STARTECH already offers an extensive and exclusive accessories program for the open retro cruiser. 

One focal point of the STARTECH accessories for the PT Cruiser is the stylish refinement of the body: Two highly polished quarter panels and the highly polished STARTECH stainless-steel tube guard give the front a more striking appearance while the latter also reinforces the lower edge of the front apron. 

The front of the PT Cruiser can be further customized with the STARTECH chrome-design front grill, which simply replaces the production part. In addition there is the STARTECH chrome-design cover for the central air inlet for the production front apron. 

STARTECH also offers chrome-design mirror housings, precise-fit inserts for the front and rear lights, door-handle recesses and windshield washer nozzles. 

Attractive, highly polished STARTECH stainless-steel tube guards refine the sides and rear of the vehicle. White lateral turn signals and a chrome cover for the trunk lid add further exclusive highlights. 

STARTECH offers stainless-steel sport rear mufflers for all engine variants. With their oval-shaped exhaust tip they lend the PT Cruiser convertible a more striking rear appearance and more powerful engine sound.

STARTECH also offers more driving fun with custom-tailored suspension modifications to the open Chrysler. Progressive-rate springs exactly calibrated to the production shocks lower the ride height of the convertible by some 30 millimeters. Also available is the STARTECH sport suspension, which lends the PT Cruiser even sportier handling and even more directional stability.

Startech Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible