Nissan Micra DIG-S

At the heart of the newest Micra lies a truly remarkable engine, specifically created to meet the low emission and everyday performance demands of the modern world.  It gets its name from a combination of direct fuel injection and supercharging technology: Direct Injection Gasoline-Supercharger.

But as well as delivering ultra low CO2 emissions, the lightweight, low-friction 1,198cc DIG-S three-cylinder unit produces the power expected from a conventional 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine.

Further efficiency gains are made thanks to the adoption of advanced engine management systems with Start/Stop and energy regeneration.

The secret to its remarkable figures is the adoption of two technologies specifically designed to reduce losses and enhance combustion efficiency - the Miller combustion cycle and a supercharger.

By minimizing heat, friction and pumping losses as much a possible and combining it with an unusually high compression ratio of 13 to 1, Nissan's engineers have created an engine that sets the standard for the rest of the industry.

Source: Nissan press

Nissan Micra DIG-S