MTM Audi S3

From MTM press: The Audi S3 creates great competition within its own corporation to Golf GTI and R32 as well the bavarian colleagues BMW with the mighty 130i. Through the mtm-provided components for motor, breaks, exhaust system and suspension, they have distanced themselves even more from their competitors raising the S3 to an uncompromising racer!

The TFSI-motor borrowed from parent company VW, is really ideal for tuning revisions. Directly off the assembly line, the turbo engine of Audi S3 already has an impressive 265 HP. One would imagine this alone is enough. Yet, just experiencing the difference proves a visit to mtm is really worth while. In its first stage, mtm replaces the motor electronics. This procedure alone upgrades power to 310 HP/228 kW as well as torque to 400 Nm (Series: 350 Nm). Whoever selects a mtm resonator and the mtm rear silencer receives an additional 5 HP and 5 Nm. The hottest version receives even more components from mtm to boot. With the mtm front silencer and a front pipe with metallic catalysatic converter, performance increases to a powerful 330 HP and torque of 420 Nm. With this addition, in just 5,1 seconds 0 to 100 km/h is reached and a maximum speed up to 264 km/h obtainable. Naturally, mtm ensures durability for all its parts. Customers benefit from the extensive experience mtm has gathered for example from the TT bimoto.

As can be expected, all parts described above for the exhaust system are available seperately for the Audi S3 2.0 TFSI. Either the rear silencer with exhaust flap control alone or together with the complete catalytic converter system. Both tail pipes, each with a diameter of 80 mm, look far more impressive than the series-produced parts. From each excapes a sound that one generally only experiences on the race track.

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