Ferrari 340 America Touring Berlinetta

Ferrari S/N 0148A is part of a very aristocratic lineage of Ferraris, as it is equipped with the famous Lampredi V12, which would go on to contribute to Ferrari’s first victories in F1 in its 375 F1 version. In the 340 version, the 4101-cc engine develops 260 hp at 6500 rpm. It was a legendary motor that was several steps above the standard 250 production unit and went on to spawn its elder siblings, the 375 MM and 410 Sport, of fearsome reputation for their power. This notoriety is reflected in both the type’s rarity and also the famous owners that were destined to enjoy the 340 America series.  Featuring bodies by Ghia, Touring, or Vignale, just 24 examples were built, and only two with this beautiful and quintessential Touring Berlinetta body, which was also used on a few other contemporary Ferraris.

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