e•Wolf Alpha-1 SRF

From e•WOLF press: Two high-performance engines propel the Alpha-1 SRF in less than 4 seconds to 100 km / h. This vehicle was designed for use on the racetrack

The track-car-adaptive software guides the driver and provides the available power is always at the right moment.

The modular design of the Alpha-1 silent radical force of standardized and proven racing components allows easy handling in practice.

e•WOLF designed the electric drive with the world's highest security standards according to the latest findings. The unique Li-ion cells with the flat ceramic storage technology meet the highest safety requirements.

In addition, multiple monitors a control architecture redunante all operating conditions of the vehicle and automatically initiates corrective adjustments. The "autopilot" for reliable vehicle operation and long life.

Gallery: e•Wolf Alpha-1 SRF