Ford Flex

For 2010 Ford's unique full-size crossover becomes even more noteworthy, thanks to an available twin-turbocharged direct-injected 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine. This all-new engine gives Flex V-8 power and performance feel with the fuel economy of a standard V-6. EcoBoost serves as proof of Ford's ongoing commitment to advanced powertrain technology as a way to bring economical fuel efficiency to millions.

The twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 produces 355 horsepower at 5,700 rpm and 350 ft.-lb. of torque at 3,500 rpm while still returning 16 mpg city/22 highway with standard AWD.

Pressurized direct injection enables a higher compression ratio, while twin turbochargers work in tandem to reduce lag associated with earlier turbocharged engines. Even with additional horsepower, fuel economy is optimized by an increased compression ratio – enabled by charge-cooling air – and sophisticated knock controls.

Standard equipment on Flex remains a 3.5-liter, 24-valve variation of the award-winning Duratec engine family. Delivering 262 hp at 6,250 rpm and 248 ft.-lb. of torque at 4,500 rpm, this engine has been tuned to provide brisk acceleration and smooth power delivery, plus an unsurpassed 20 mpg combined for Flex FWD.

All Flex models send power through a six-speed automatic gearbox. When powered by the EcoBoost V-6, Flex is equipped with a six-speed SelectShift Automatic™ transmission. This advanced gearbox offers the driver a choice between fully automatic operation and manual control.

With SelectShift, paddle shifters are integrated into the steering wheel spokes. Intuitive to operate, a squeeze back on either paddle will deliver an upshift, while a gentle push forward on either paddle will induce a “matched-rev” downshift. Unlike other competitive transmissions, SelectShift won’t “second guess” the driver with an override shift; manual control is truly manually controlled.

All-wheel drive is optional on Flex SEL and Limited with the standard 3.5-liter V-6. The AWD option enhances the vehicle’s capability in a variety of weather conditions and is fully automatic, using an advanced array of internal electro-mechanical clutches to efficiently distribute torque between front and rear wheels as needed. AWD is standard in the Flex with EcoBoost.

Source: Ford press

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