n2a Motors 789

From n2a press: Most car enthusiasts recognize the look of a 1957 Chevrolet. In fact, many believe this car represents the essence of the styling of the 1950s when almost all cars could easily be identified by make, model and year. Those were the times when General Motors changed the complete body design of their cars each year in 1957, 1958, and 1959; a feat manufacturers say cannot be done economically today.

At n2a Motors Inc., individualism is not an issue. From our modern facility in Corona, California the idea car has reached the production stage. We at n2a Motors are producing a series of cars to appeal to the enthusiast who wants to relive the 1950s styling or visit this era for the first time.

The model called the 7-8-9 is, in fact, a design that features the front end styling of a 1957 Chevrolet, the middle section reflecting a 1958 Chevrolet and the distinctive rear extremity of a 1959 Chevrolet. Thus the model designation, "7-8-9" covers the three years of the most popular Chevrolets of all time.

Based on the very reliable and extremely performance oriented new Corvette, known as the C6 for Corvette's sixth generation, the body panels are replaced by newly designed carbon fiber body pieces specially sculptured for the 7-8-9. What results is a two seat sports car with production restricted to 'no two alike', thus n2a Motors. With more than 10,000 exterior and interior color combinations and hundreds of wheel designs, you can have the specific car of your dreams.

If the performance of the C6 Corvette at 440 horsepower doesn't satisfy your needs, a vast array of upgrades from performance intake and exhaust manifolds to over-the-top 1,000 horsepower enhancements are available. Turbocharging or supercharging options can be added to your individually commissioned dream machine. Brake packages including ceramic, carbon fiber or other high performance systems along with custom made exhaust packages all add to the overall wish list.

Inside, each 789 the interior is tri-toned as standard equipment, just like the 1958 Impala that inspired it. You can choose from virtually any available commercial fabric or leather combination at no extra cost. Obviously, sound system upgrades are expected as well as some interior features designed to surprise and delight, such as lighted door panels that glow in different colors in sync with the music. Special embroidery on the seats is also a personal touch that reflects your wants.

Body colors and combinations will not be duplicated adding to further individualism. The use of any year/model color you choose is okay with the design staff as well as special matchings to your favorite neck tie, nail polish or eye color. Special effects and very high cost paint materials are extra. Color choices continue with your selection of more than thirty convertible top combinations with monograms, crests, or pinstripes at minimal additional charge.

The process starts with the latest generation Corvette as a donor car. We acquire a brand new C6 and title it in your name or if you already have a C6 you may ship to us. The entire project will come in at $139,500 including the Corvette. Supply your own car and add $80,000 for the new plastic surgery.

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