Volvo PV544

From Volvo press: In August of 1957, Volvo presented a real surprise - the PV544, a development of the PV444 in a more modern design. Many people had thought that the PV444 would disappear following the introduction of the Amazon, but despite its somewhat out-dated appearance the car was still modern under the bodywork and offered good performance and driving characteristics.

The windscreen on the 544 was larger, it was not split and was slightly convex. The rear screen was also much larger. The tail-lights were bigger and the dashboard had the same horizontal type of speedometer as the Amazon.

The 544 was available in four models with different engines and equipment.
Volvo's turnover exceeded 1,000 million kronor for the first time and the 100,000 export mark was passed.

In 1959, the Amazon and the PV544 were equipped with three-point safety belts in the front seat, which meant that Volvo was the first car manufacturer in the world to equip its cars with three point safety belts as a standard fitting.

The Volvo 122S and the PV544 were introduced in the US in April. In November, preparations began for a new car plant in Torslanda outside Gothen-burg. Volvo purchased a 4,000,000 m2 site and the building of access roads began. 

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