Vorsteiner BMW M3 E93

From Vorsteiner press: Vorsteiner’s Carbon Fiber Honeycomb Matrix (CFHM) structure gives our parts superior stiffness, strength & durability
compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber and fiberglass materials.

At production of carbon fiber autoclave Pre Preg and designing to utilize technology, the newest one, all-new VRS Cabrio Boot Closes Surety rigor try a fall, Boggle and resistance was utterly incompatible with conversion at sophisticated technological E93 M3 Cabrio.

New The Vorsteiner Cabrio Boot Closes to be pointed out on a special vehicle, hands down be made ready By Vorsteiner BMW E93 M3 Cabrio, one Besides That increase is Boot Closes to Boggle Also ranges: monoblock alloy is forged, V - 104 Aero 2 piece splitter, Type II. Behind diffuser, Vorsteiner's titanium exhaust is the unit's coil and over KW's suspension module, and GT Brembo brakes.

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