Plymouth Prowler

The Plymouth Prowler's stunning design pays tribute to the classic street rod, a uniquley American form of automobile with roots dating back to the flapper era of the 1920s. Just as the street rod symbolized youth, freedom and rebellion for decades of enthusiasts, the Prowler - with its "knock your socks off" appreal - evokes the same emotional sensibilities in an entirely new generation of drivers.

From concept through development, Prowler is a great product story. It's a magical combination of hot rod spirit, artistry, dramatic aluminum bodywork and the best from the parts bins. Prowler is also a people story. Its odyssey from design idea to production vehicle is a salute to Chrysler Corporation and the spirited, creative passions of its employees - committed car enthusiasts who jumped at the chance to work long hours and do whatever was necessary to turn a dream car into a reality.

Chrysler ceased building Plymouth Brand vehicles in 2001, thus shifting Prowler under the Chrysler Brand for the final year of production.

Prowler Purple was the featured exterior on the vehicle's first production run, with the last run of cars sporting Deep Candy Red. A matching Prowler "pup" tag-along trailer was also produced.

Source: Walter P. Chrysler Museum

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