Volvo PV445

From Volvo press: At the beginning of the 1950s Volvo concentrated on stepping up the production capacity of the PV444. In September, the B Series of the PV444 was introduced. It was available in a Standard and a Special version - the Special having virtually the same equipment as the PV444AS. Exterior features included new bumpers, and a number of modifications had also been made to the interior. The dashboard had been modernised-the somewhat difficult-to-read speedometer had been replaced by a round one. The seats had been made more comfortable, the old starter button had been removed and the engine was now started with an ignition key.

One new feature which attracted a great deal of attention was the T-shaped indicator, located in the centre of the roof. When the driver wanted to turn, a blue light came on and an orange light began flashing on the side of the car. This indicator was called "Fixlight".

The call for a separate chassis for the PV444 by customers wishing to build their own car bodies, vans or light trucks led Volvo to design a frame consisting of a fully-welded box construction with powerful cross-stays. The wheelbase and track were the same as those of the PV444. This new chassis was known as the PV445 and was supplied to Brazil, Uruguay and Peru, in addition to Sweden.

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