Jaguar XF

From Jaguar press: A sedan with the soul of a Jaguar sports car, the Jaguar XF has won accolades and enthusiastic fans across the globe for its dynamic abilities and dramatic appearance. Advances in lighting technology have allowed the new 2012 Jaguar XF model range to adopt the Jaguar design language introduced on the flagship Jaguar XJ sedan.

Revisions to the grille, hood, and front fenders, which incorporate new triangular side vents, give the car a more muscular appearance. The Jaguar XF Supercharged hood is fitted with louvers featuring the "supercharged" script, further distinguishing the vehicle from the naturally aspirated models. The XFR also receives its own unique styling to underline its performance potential.

The XF headlamps now incorporate bi-function HID xenon technology that allows them to be much slimmer and more compact while maintaining outstanding beam resolution. The lights incorporate LED daytime running lights arranged in a distinctive Jaguar ‘J-Blade’ signature.

The tail lamps have been redesigned and now extend onto the central portion of the trunk lid. These new units are full-LED for stop, tail light and turn signal functions and give the Jaguar XF a distinctive light signature at night. Separating the tail lights is a revised trunk lid trim with a gloss black lower edge for a cleaner appearance. The trunk also features a power latch on all models.

Three new paint colors and an expanded alloy wheels selection ranging from 18" to 20" provide the finishing touches to the revised styling.

Whether experienced from the driver or passenger seat, the cabin of the XF is a welcoming and stylish place in which to spend time, using high-end materials in a contemporary manner.

Continuing to feature dramatic ‘surprise and delight’ elements such as the JaguarDrive Selector that rises from the center console and air vents that rotate to their open position when the start button is pressed, the XF interior also receives a comprehensive update.

Revised front and rear seats incorporate a ‘hoop’ design element on the seat and backrest that improves their appearance and support. New color combinations and veneers increase the personalization options available to buyers. All models receive a revision to the color scheme on the center console, dashboard, and steering wheel where buttons and switchgear have a more luxurious soft feel black paint finish, and the ‘Tungsten’ finish is replaced by a more contemporary ‘Aurora’ theme.

The XF incorporates a formidable amount of technology, but in true Jaguar fashion, it is integrated seamlessly into the function of the car. The primary interface is a seven-inch Touch-screen with a new polarizing filter for improved contrast. Additional buttons have been added below the touch-screen to switch instantly between different functions. The graphics palette has been revised, and is based on those in the Jaguar XJ. The instrument cluster information display is now a full-color TFT unit for greater resolution and clarity.

Three new audio systems are offered on the XF, all of which represent a significant upgrade. Headlining is a 1200W, 17-speaker premium surround sound system from British audio experts Bowers & Wilkins, which offers extraordinary clarity and sound reproduction.

All XF models are specified with a hard-drive based satellite navigation system that incorporates a ‘virtual’ CD changer allowing the owner to transfer 10 CDs at a time into the car’s memory storage and play them as if they were a physical music medium. The system now offers multiple options for connecting portable players; two USB ports, one which can be used for iPod® devices and the other for a USB or other MP3 digital music player, and Bluetooth® connectivity that allows music to be streamed from a smartphone.

The majority of the car’s functions can also be controlled from the driver’s seat by Jaguar’s Interactive Voice functionality, which provides an intuitive interface for hands-free operation.

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