Chrysler Thunderbolt Retractable Hardtop

One of the industry's first concept or dream cars, the highly futuristic Newport experimental was conceived by stylist Alex Tremulis and executed by the Briggs body Company's Lebaron custom division on a Chrysler New Yorker chassis.

The Thunderbolt – which still looks surprisingly modern today – converted from a cozy two door hardtop into a sporty convertible at the touch of a button on the dash, which pivoted the smooth metal top out of sight into the compartment under the long decklid. The Thunderbolt's retractable "hidden" headlamps were used on the 1942 Desoto.

The shrouded front wheels later appeared not on Chrysler', but I'm postwar Nashes. Briggs constructed six Thunderbolts. Of particular interest are the wraparound anodized aluminum lower body trim and the jagged lightning bold emblems on the doors.

Source: Walter P. Chrysler Museum

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Chrysler Thunderbolt Retractable Hardtop