Volvo PV60

From Volvo press: In 1941, the successor to the PV53-56 was to have been the PV60, a larger car in the American style. Deliveries, which were due to begin in May 1940, had to be postponed. Even so, Volvo built a number of prototypes in which the bodywork was developed in different ways.

Four more prototypes of the PV60 were built between 1942 and 1943. The rear doors on these cars were hung on the rear edge and the hub caps were relatively small. Volvo was planning to have this new car ready when the war ended. Plans for another, smaller car also began to assume a more definite shape. The Volvo management appointed a team of about 40 people to create this small post-war car.

In 1946, the production of the PV60 began on a modest scale, but efforts focused on getting the PV444 under way.

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