Volvo PV671

From Volvo press:  Following the positive reception given to the PV651 by the taxi market, the time was now ripe for the introduction of a larger taxi. In March of 1930, Volvo's first two 7-seater models, the TR671and TR672, were introduced. TR showed that this was a transport vehicle. The chassis, which was the same as the one used on the PV650/651, was extended. From now on a difference was made between the model designations of Volvo's passenger cars and taxis.

The sedans were part of the PV650 Series, where the numbers indicated that this was five seated a 6-cylinder car. The taxis were included in the TR670 Series, where the numbers indicated that there was room for 7 seats.
In August a new passenger car, the PV652, a more exclusive version of the PV651, was introduced. Inside, the instrumentation and the front seats were different. Outside, the rear wings were longer and the round shape of the rear screen was more accentuated. The most important difference was to be found in the brake system, where hydraulic brakes were installed. The price of this car was 6,900 Swedish kronor.

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