Bertone Alfa Romeo Carabo

From Bertone press: The Alfa Romeo Carabo was the undisputed star of the Paris Motor Show of 1968 at which it was introduced. The reasoning on the aerodynamic coupe, started twenty years earlier with the BAT family, here reached its extreme styling consequences. The Carabo presented as a ground-hugging (99 cm from the ground), flat MPV, like a cutting edged wedge. The side paneling emerges from the highly penetrating front and ends in a strong, squared off tail, which visually suggests “top” mechanicals (V8 230 bhp engine). In fact, the Carabo, which is mounted on the mechanical base of the Alfa 33 Stradale, also represents the most fascinating and provocative styling proposal for mid-rear engined berlinettas. Some spectacular construction solutions, such as forward-hinged wing doors, the large air intakes on the sides in the direction of the bonnet, the front headlights protected by the adjustable flaps contribute to the inexhaustible fascination of this masterpiece that influenced Nuccio Bertone himself to design, two years later, the unforgettable Lancia Stratos O. But that, as they say, is another story.

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