Bertone Alpha Romeo Giulietta SS

From Bertone press: The model that foreshadowed the Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale, which today’s collectors know as the “Shark”, made its debut at the Turing Motor Show in 1957 as a concept car. The concept from which the car drew its inspiration stemmed from the styling research done on the BAT. In fact, Bertone mounted this highly aerodynamic coupe, with its streamlined, tapering body, with long wings wrapping around the cut-off tail, on the mechanicals of the Giulietta Sprint. The results in practice proved this styling decision to be correct, for it allowed the car, equipped with the Sprint’s 4 cylinder 1.3 litre engine, to break through the 200 km/hr barrier.

Two years later, in 1959, the Giulietta SS went into production. Compared to the first prototype, the most obvious change was the fully redesigned front that housed the classic Alfa Romeo radiator grille. The wraparound muscular wings and the drop-shaped passenger compartment with their clearly aeronautic inspiration, remain as testimony to the aerodynamic virtues of the figurative layout.

Gallery: Bertone Alpha Romeo Giulietta SS